Threaded Inserts

threaded insert fasteners for aerospace Aircraft Fasteners stocks a full range of high performance Threaded Inserts used in the aerospace, electronics and defense industries.
Threaded Inserts are designed to provide load-bearing threads in areas where access is only available from one side and the parent material is light-gauge. With a tubular body and interior threads, the product can be inserted into a prepared hole and then compressed or imbedded or collapsed allowing the attachment of an externally threaded fastener to complete the assembly.
  • Helically coiled inserts
  • Keensert® inserts
  • Key-locked inserts
  • Knife-thread inserts for wood
  • Nutserts
  • Ring-locked inserts and studs
  • Rivet nuts
  • Sandwich panel (honeycomb) inserts
  • Self-tapping inserts
  • Thin wall inserts
  • Thread forming inserts
  • Press-in inserts
We are authorized distributors for the premier manufacturers of these products, including SPS, KATO and Acme Industrial.

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