ACME Industrial

acme industrial One of Aircraft Fasteners’ primary insert and stud manufacturers is Acme Industrial Company.

Since 1914, Acme Industrial has been a major force in supplying precision steel products to the industrial and military sectors. Acme’s many years of experience help it to provide the quality expected from a fastener manufacturer as evidenced by approvals from major worldwide aerospace manufacturers.
Acme Industrial Company Products include:
  • Key-locking Threaded Inserts (MS & NAS Standards, blind end, floating, industrial)
  • Key-locking Threaded Studs (NAS & SAE Standards)
  • Swage-Sert Inserts (MS Standards)
Acme threaded inserts come in sizes: Miniature, Lightweight, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty threaded insert types with Non-locking and Self-locking internal threads.
Inserts for specific uses are available in floating, blind end, solid and cast-in configurations.
We are authorized distributors for Acme products. Please contact us for assistance with your Acme product needs.
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