Self-Locking Nuts

Nut Plates for Aerospace Aircraft Fasteners stocks the broadest range of Self-Locking Nuts in the industry. 
  • Anchor Nuts
  • Barrel Nuts
  • Capped Nuts
  • Clinch Nuts
  • Clip Nuts
  • Dome Nuts
  • Gang Channels
  • Hex Nuts
  • Jet Nuts
  • Metric Nuts
  • Press Nuts
  • Twelve-Point Nuts
Self-Locking Nut Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, (300 Series and A-286), Aluminum.
Self-Locking Nut Finishes: Cadmium plated, silver plated, dry film lubricated, and anodized.
Our primary locknut manufacturers are Republic/Alcoa, SPS Technologies, MacLean-Fogg, The Monadnock Company and NAFCO.
Contact us and let us help you with all of your self-locking nut needs. 
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