MacLean-Fogg Self Locking Nuts

Aircraft Fasteners stocks the broadest range of self-locking nuts in the industry.  One of our primary locknut manufacturers is MacLean-Fogg.
MacLean-Fogg industrial and military fasteners MacLean-Fogg has been the standard against which all other Nylon Insert lock nuts are judged. MacLean-Fogg is the developer of vibration-proof, self-locking fasteners that employ various elastomeric inserts and provide numerous solutions for seemingly impossible fastener problems.
MacLean-Fogg products can be found in aerospace, electronics, aviation and all facets of manufacturing. Whether standard or special, their approved product line of lock nuts can save you time and money, when Mil-Specs and other Specifications are to be met.
MacLean-Fogg’s nylon-equipped lock nuts have demonstrated superior resistance to loosening over all other types of self-locking nuts and locking devices.

We are authorized distributors of MacLean-Fogg fastener products. Please contact us for assistance with your needs.
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