SPS Greer Stop Nut

Greer Stop Nuts Aircraft Fasteners stocks the broadest range of self-locking nuts in the industry.  One of our primary insert manufacturers include SPS Greer Stop Nut™. For over 40 years Greer has been recognized as a major supplier of internally threaded fasteners.
The SPS Greer Stop Nut™ locknut product portfolio consists of nylon insert hex, clinch and spline nuts and a variety of all-metal nuts in standard and made-to-order configurations.
These U.S.-made locknuts meet MS, MIL, AN and NAS specifications, and are available in a variety of finishes, platings and materials. Greer locknuts offer quality and reliability for applications in the transportation, communications, electronics, defense and other industries.
The nylon insert material resists most organic acids, oils, greases and common solvents and mineral acids.
We are authorized distributors for SPS Greer Stop Nut™ products. Please contact us for assistance with your needs.
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