Groov-Pin Corp. SpeedsertsĀ®

Aircraft Fasteners stocks the broadest range of self-locking nuts and inserts in the industry.  One of our primary insert manufacturers is Groov-Pin Corp.
Groov-Pin Speedserts Speedserts self-threading inserts form strong threads in softer metals and plastics for a very high pullout resistance. Their locking action makes them very resistant to vibration.
  • Suitable for a wide range of softer metals and plastics.
  • Symmetric design for automatic feeding.
  • One-step installation.
  • No metal chips.
High-quality internal threads are wear resistant. Unified and American Standard, class 2B, or ISO Metric standard, class 6H threads. 
Speedserts threaded inserts are available in stainless steel in regular, medium, or short lengths.
We are authorized distributors of Groov-pin fastener products. Please contact us for assistance with your needs.
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