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Self Locking Nuts

Aircraft Fasteners stocks the broadest range of self locking nuts in the industry.  Our primary locknut manufacturers include; Republic/Alcoa, SPS Technologies, MacLean ESNA, The Monadnock Company and NAFCO.

  • Aircraft Nut Plates: Our Aerospace Nut Plates include: anchor nut plates, fixed nut plates, floating nut plates, high strength nut plates, self-locking nut plates
  • Anchor nuts & Plate nuts: one-lug, two-lug, corner, right-angle; full-size, miniature; fixed, floating; locking, and non-locking
  • Barrel nuts and retainers
  • Capped nuts & Dome nuts: anchor and hex
  • Clinch nuts: nylon insert, all metal; heavy, light, and miniature
  • Clip nuts: sheet metal, connector mounting
  • Gang channels: full six-foot strips and cut lengths
  • Hex nuts: nylon insert, all metal; heavy, light, and miniature
  • Instrument mounting nuts
  • Jet Nuts
  • Metric nuts: hex and anchor
  • Press nuts: fixed and floating
  • Sealing nuts: standard and miniature
  • Shank nuts
  • Solid Nuts
  • Spline nuts
  • Stake nuts
  • Twelve point (double hex) nuts
Aircraft Fasteners  Aerospace Self Locking Nuts

Self-Locking Nut Materials: Steel, stainless (300 series and A-286) and aluminum
Self-Locking Nut Finishes: Cadmium plated, silver plated, dry film lubricated, and anodized

We are authorized distributors for the premier manufacturers of these self-locking products, including SPS Technologies, Republic/Boots, NAFCO, Greer, MacLean ESNA and The Monadnock Company.

SPS Greer Stop Nut SPS Technologies Acme Industrial Kato Fastening Systems Maclean Esna Alcoa Company Monodnock Company Nafco Industries Republic Fastener Mfg

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